Empty Shelves

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 0 comments

    This was the scene at several stores we went to on March 16th. Our prefecture wasn't hit by the tsunami or really even damaged by the earthquake, as I stated before. Apparently, however, people have been freaking out and hoarding things such as bread, rice, Kleenex, diapers, toilet paper, bottled water, Cup Ramen (??) and Soy Joy bars. It was rather obvious that it was just general panic in our city, though---note how in the last photo, all of the Soy Joy bars are sold out, but the other brand beneath them is still fully stocked! Honestly people, Soy Joy really isn't all that great!
  I'm not too sure how the situation is now, seeing as Keila and I are back  in the US, but I've been told that smaller stores are still selling/sold out of basic items. The larger chains, however, seem to be getting stock in, though.

                             Empty bread shelves....nobody wanted the sweet rolls at the bottom!

                               Rice is sold out...not the whole grains, however

                                   Kleenex is gone, besides a few 300 yen boxes

                            Soy Joy bars are all gone! The not-so-famous brand below? Yep, fully stocked.