Koyasan Cuisine: The Biggest Om-Rice In Japan!

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | 0 comments

   For lunch our first day in Koyasan, we opted for a somewhat heavier fare, seeing as we'd be having a vegan Buddist meal for dinner. With meat in mind, I'd looked online and found that there was an om-rice restaurant in town that claimed to serve the largest om-rice in Japan. Om-rice (omu rice) is basically what it sounds like: an omelette stuffed with rice and bits of chicken, topped with ketchup. Basically your typical greasy spoon type of dish. Yuki seemed somewhat surprised that I was ok with eating this oily feast, but I figured I might as well make my first-ever om-rice also the largest ever, so we headed over to Inoue, a little family-style diner in the middle of town.
  As it turns out, that om-rice will likely also be my LAST ever, too. Not that it was bad for om-rice (I'm taking Yuki's word on that), but I really don't like a lot of 1. grease or 2. ketchup. And this beast just tasted like greasy ketchup. Meh. Luckily, they also offered curry, so we got one om-rice and one curry plate. Definitely not a restaurant I'd go to for a repeat experience, but at least now I can say I ate the largest om-rice in the country!

                                       Om-rice.....I'd say "Yum", but it wasn't.

                                      It was definitely huge though...as big as Keila's head!