The Beast Loves Rice!

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 | 2 comments

    Here's an old post that I did the week before last and didn't get to post before having to fly home suddenly. But we'll talk about that later, when I'm feeling a little bit more emotionally able to write. For now...

   I may have mentioned before that Wasabi really only eats/drinks 3 things: her cat food; bottled sea urchin that's been pickled in sake, and sometimes a drink of Yuki's beer.
 Well, add one more thing to the list. White rice. I was getting Yuki some out of the rice cooker a few days ago, and Wasabi suddenly went absolutely nuts over it. She just about fell into the rice pot trying to sniff at it, the rabid little weasel!
 I thought that this was going to be like ever other occasion, where she would simply have a good sniff and then be done with it. Boy was I in for a surprise. I let her have a go at the shamoji (the rice scoop) after I was done with it. It still had some grains of rice stuck to it, and she really went to town! She even grabbed ahold of it when we tried to take it away from her!
 Yuki ended up getting quite annoyed that I was conditioning the cat to eat his breakfast, but I managed to (of course) get some good shots in before he confiscated the shamoji.
  I guess Wasabi really is Japanese at heart!





 Chop-lickin' good!


strwberrryjoy said...

Aww. I love the last picture. Her little black nose is so cute on her white face!

Kristel said...

Thanks! I miss the little beast right now, but we'll see how long that loving feeling lasts once we get home. =)