It's NOT Allergies!!!

Posted on Monday, February 01, 2010 | 0 comments

   I gave in and went to the doctor today for some antibiotics. As much as I hate taking them, this lovely little monkey of a sinus infection has a death-grip on my head and is not about to let up on its own.
  Now, every other time I've gone to the doctor here, they've been more than happy to shove various medicines at me, usually way more than I want or need. Once, I was even offered an IV! Fluids only, but still, I can't quite figure out that trend here. Who volunteers to have their vein pierced with a big needle just so they can get a few extra liters of fluids? What happened to drinking your liquids the old-fashioned way?
 This morning though, my doctor for some reason wasn't really in a giving mood. I figured it'd take me just a few minutes to tell him my symptoms and get my antibiotics. I've had more than my share of sinus infections over the years, and I know when I have one. Like I said, I really hate taking antibiotics, but they do serve a purpose.
After I told him what was going on though, he started asking me about how I react to pollen, and did I have allergies. Yes, I get allergies, and they're waaaay different than what I've got now.
 Ok, he said, but couldn't it possibly be allergies?? 
 I replied that I didn't think so, since I had a mild fever a few days ago, along with the sudden and massive amounts of fluid gushing from my head, plus the other sinus infection symptoms.
 He said AGAIN, 'Yes, but that could be allergies, too??'  Why he was so concerned about allergies, who knows, although allergy season is starting here. To give him credit, maybe he's had a billion people coming through his door asking for antibiotics when they actually need allergy meds.
 Again, for the third time, I told him, no, no it couldn't be allergies, since (again!) my nasal secretions are indescribable (sorry, way too much information), I feel like I'm drunk thanks to the congestion in my head, and oh yeah, everything I eat tends to taste like cardboard.

  I think it was the cardboard that got him. At least, it was around that point that he started writing out a prescription for his nurse to fill.
                                   Let's hope this stuff works quickly!