40 Weeks and Counting

Posted on Thursday, November 04, 2010 | 0 comments

                  Well, my due date came and went yesterday. Sigourney apparently wasn't informed of it, since she made no noticeable efforts toward her debut! In fact, not only did she not appear, she managed to sleep through almost her entire non-stress test during yesterday's checkup. Meaning that I got to keep the fetal monitor on for over an hour instead of the 20 minutes it should've taken, had she actually moved around like she was supposed to.
  At one point, I had a nurse actually shaking my belly to try and wake her up. No such luck. 5 minutes later, the doctor himself came in and shook my stomach around! Still, nothing. She shifted slightly and then went right back to sleep. They finally gave up after 65 minutes of monitoring. Final score: Fetal monitor 0, Sigourney 1.
 The doctor expressed a bit of concern about her lack of movement until I told him that she was incredibly active pretty much the entire night before. I'm sure she was just worn out from all that nocturnal kicking...and of course, as soon as I left the office (and I mean, the door were still sliding closed behind me) she started in again!
  ...Besides the nonstress test, the rest of my checkup showed that labor probably isn't likely any time within the next couple of days, but who knows. So, in summary...we're still waiting!

          The belly pic...place your bets now as to whether there will be one next week