Signs of Fall

Posted on Monday, November 01, 2010 | 0 comments

             Fall has definitely arrived here, although you wouldn't know it by today's weather: sunny and around 75 F, wonderful for November 1st! Still, I thought I'd post a few signs of the season anyway, since the snowcap slowly forming on top of Mt. Fuji doesn't look like it's going away any time fast.
  First off: the bugs! Every fall, massive and brightly colored spiders sling their webs all over the place, usually around head-level in well-traveled areas. Being smacked in the face with a spider web even once is one time too many, in my opinion.
  Inchworms and caterpillars also like to put in an appearance around this time--the one pictured below is by far the largest I've seen, although it sadly met with a car mere seconds after I shot that photo. Poor bug!
  Other signs that fall is here include: rice out to dry for the harvest, the sky getting 'higher', and various fall plants and produce making an appearance, such as mikan (mandarian oranges) and kaki (persimmons).
  Fall food is another huge indication of the changing seasons, but more on that in another post....

                                              Huge spider

                                 Inchworm moments before its untimely demise

                                Massive spider web

Rice drying in a local field

                                    Beautiful fall sky

                             I forget the name of this plant, but my sinuses don't like it!

                                                Kaki aka persimmons

                                           Mikan grove

                                  Lone persimmon tree in a green tea field