Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2011 | 0 comments

    There was an Easter egg hunt at Valplayso today (a nearby playground so named with a rather bad pun on that of our hometown, Valparaiso), so we took Zelie and Keila to meet the Easter Bunny and round up some eggs. Keila was a champ and wasn't scared of the big furry hare at all! Zelie, meanwhile, scored a ton of candy-filled eggs. I even managed to get her to give me a mini Reester bunny, so we all had a great morning!
 I have to give the sponsors, Walgreens and Family Video, props for having volunteers continually replacing the hunted eggs. Lots of times we've been to egg hunts where older and more aggressive children snatch all the eggs, and the toddlers aren't able to get more than one each at best. This one was quite well-stocked, and I saw lots of little kids with full baskets. Probably the only one not too thrilled with the day was the poor half-frozen Easter bunny!

                                                   Not quite sure what to make of the bunny

                                                  Racing for eggs

                                                 Keila and her purple egg

                                   She loved all the colors in Zelie's basket

                                               The much-coveted Reester bunny