Candy monster

Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009 | 0 comments

Candy monster
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Wasabi is learning how to fetch! For some reason she's obsessed with the individually wrapped candies I bought yesterday, and she'll run after them and then (usually) bring them back after I toss them. Sometimes she gets distracted, but she's doing pretty well overall. Smart girl! I have to say, it's the best ¥105 I've spent on cat toys yet. Who needs toy mice, stuffed pink pig, feathers on a string, or even gum when you've got hard candy to run after??
We also went outside to the park for just a few minutes yesterday, but that didn't go over so well. Too scary! I might try her again today, since we're hoping to get her at least accustomed to traveling in her carrier: we want to take her around Kamakura (Giant Buddha!) if she gets better about the whole leaving-the-house experience.
Unfortunately not too much else is going on right now. Yuki has a big exam coming up at work, so travel is out of the question for the next couple of months. Not that it stops me from looking up trips to Okinawa, Italy, or Hawaii and then pointing out how (relatively) cheap it is to go this fall, of course. We're going to do a weekend get-away to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, but that too will have to be after his exam is finished. Maybe Kyoto again?