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We finally got a kitten! I've really missed having a cat the past 2 years that I've been here, and Yuki finally convinced the landlady to let us get one.
We'd gone to a pet fair last weekend, but there weren't any cats that I really fell in love with, besides a little black and white baby boy, and we'd told ourselves no boys, since in my experience females in general tend to be more cuddly (and a lot less territorial). We decided that we were going to get a little orange and white female, though, since she seemed sweet enough. After telling her owners that we wanted her, Yuki filled out a survey form, asking me what my 'ideal cat' was as he was writing. Without thinking, I said 'black and white female, loves people'.
Well, it turns out that the 'survey' was actually the application form, so we never officially applied for the other cat! But, to everyone's good fortune, lots of other people wanted her, and on Monday night, we received an email from the coordinator, telling us about a baby kitty who'd been raised at a local animal hospital. As soon as we saw the picture, we knew we wanted her, and we went and picked her up Tuesday night, the 21st of July.
Her story: Wasabi was found with her umbilical cord still attached, poor baby! I guess that there was a sibling with her, but that one didn't make it, sadly. So our little girl has been raised in a clinic basically since birth. Seeing as she's had no mommy to nurse off of and no other kitties around, she's taken to sucking on her own front forepaw before nodding off to sleep. She really loves being around people, but we're still working on the 'No biting' part!

The animal hospital where we got her. One of the people who found her had actually paid for her medicine and care for the entire 2 months. Such a kind lady!!

Bonding with my new baby

I was ready to sacrifice Fuku-chan to her, but Yuki said No way!

The first time she saw herself in the mirror...
lots of hissing and raised fur. It was hilarious!

Cat in a bag

Rolling on the couch

Snuggling with her daddy. She's already got him wrapped around her little...paw??

Our landlady's son snapped this one when I took her over to visit with them. I had no idea that iPhones could take such good pictures!