Ton Katsu, A 2-Ton Ketsu*

Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2009 | 0 comments

So, after running a bunch of errands this morning, we had a very late lunch at a ton katsu (pork cutlet) restaurant. Now, I don't usually go for deep-fried pork, but even I have to admit that this place is pretty good. I still order the soba (Japanese noodles) and some shrimp and vegetable tempura, though, and just have a bite of Yuki's massive ^[/8
5 (Ok, that was from Wasabi. Interpret as you wish).
filet-----------[[[[[[[ (bad kitty, bad!).
After lunch, we headed home and gave the little one some new toys. She of course promptly rejected the catnip, the ball with the bell inside, and the f 786+ (seriously, she's doing all of this typing on her own). As I was saying...and the feather on a stick in favor of...the cardboard packaging for said toys. Like getting your kid an expensive gift at Christmas, and he ends up making a fort out of the box. Beautiful. I'm just going to give her garbage to play with from now on!

*'Ketsu' is a ruder version of word 'backside' in Japanese, if you get my drift

Lunch at Katsukura

Ton Katsu

The so-called 'Ladies' set'...because it's as big as most Japanese ladies??

Chewing on cardboard from the cat toy packaging


Wasabi chewing on a box of....wasabi

Helping Type