39 Weeks!

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 0 comments

      1 week until my due date...and we're still really hoping that Sigourney decides to show herself some time around this weekend. We'll see how things are progressing (or not progressing) at Friday's weekly check-up, though. Last Saturday, she was just shy of 7 lbs. I told her that she had to be at least 7 lbs, so by now she's free to come out whenever she'd like!
     In other news, I have finally packed my bags for the birthing center. Yes, I realize how late it is. And yes, I also realize that I would've been totally unprepared had this kid decided to suddenly pop out earlier. But seeing as I HATE packing and therefore always leave it until a day or two beforehand, getting it done a week before my due date is honestly a miracle. Especially since Sushi and Wasabi 'helped' by sleeping on my list every time I'd pull it out and try to get some work done. Thanks, girls!

                                    Belly pic

          My little helpers (the list is hard to make out, but it's protruding from under Sushi, on the right)