9 Months!

Posted on Wednesday, October 06, 2010 | 0 comments

           Today is 36 weeks...about 1 month left to go! Possibly less than a month, actually....we just found out on Saturday that my doctor is going to be in GERMANY from November 3rd through the 12th...November 3rd being my due date. All I can say to that is...thanks, buddy. Thanks a lot.
      Further complicating matters, he's the only one who can administer an epidural, should the pain get bad enough that I feel I need/want one. (In case you weren't aware already, epidurals are still relatively uncommon in Japan, and we had to search quite a while to find a doctor who did them in Shizuoka).
  So...there's the problem. If I go into labor while he's gone, then there's no choice of having any pain killers. Meaning that I either commit now to giving birth naturally, or I get induced just before he leaves. Which in itself really doesn't sound like fun, either.
  I had always thought that I could just go into labor and decide at some point into it whether or not I wanted to go the epidural route...only now I'm forced to make that decision well in advance, ahhh! At this point, I'm planning on scheduling an induction just before he leaves, so I can at least keep my options open. If I start to lean more towards the natural way, I'll cancel at the last moment. But what we're really, really hoping and praying for is that Sigourney decides all by herself to come out around say, November 1st, thus negating all of the above issues. Come on kid, I know you can do it!

          36 weeks and more than 5.78 lbs (estimated weight at Saturday's check-up)