Lake Motosu (Motosuko) and Shiraito no Taki (Shiraito Falls)

Posted on Sunday, October 17, 2010 | 0 comments

   After eating houtou last Monday, we continued our trip around the Mt. Fuji area by visiting Lake Motosu and then Shiraito Falls.
  Motosuko is the western-most of Fuji's 5 lakes, and it's also featured on the back of the 1000 yen bill. It was formed in the 9th century, when lava flowing from an eruption by Mt. Fuji separated a larger lake into 3: Motosuko, Saiko, and Shojiko. These three lakes are still connected by underground waterways. This was my first time to see Motosuko, but it was immediately obvious as to why it's pictured on Japanese currency: the lake water itself is remarkably clear, while the view of Mt. Fuji is spectacular. I'm sure that on certain days, the reflection of Mt. Fuji in the water makes for some great photo opportunities.
  After leaving Motosuko, we headed toward Shiraito no taki, a beautiful waterfall that's protected as a Japanese Natural Monument. No matter how many times I visit this site, it never fails to impress. It's definitely worth seeing if you happen to be in the Mt. Fuji area.

                                    View of Mt. Fuji from Motosuko

                                                  Shiraito no taki