Christmas Strawberries

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010 | 0 comments

     In Japan, Christmas seems to be mainly associated with illuminations, Christmas cake, KFC (every Colonel statue is dressed as Santa this month), and, not to be forgotten, strawberries. The holiday is also celebrated mostly by couples, seeing as it's not especially recognized as a Christian event over in this corner of the world.

Based on all that, I'm pretty sure that the ideal Christmas here would involve something along the lines of eating chicken with your boyfriend/girlfriend, followed by a trip to view some illuminations and then munching on strawberry-covered Christmas cake. (FYI: Christmas cake is nothing like fruit cake and contains no particular ingredients that I'm aware of. It's just cake that has Christmas decorations on top).
...Not to miss out on a prime opportunity, retailers and chocolate companies always capitalize on the seasonal strawberry connection and produce various strawberry-related goodies around this time of year. So far I've found Strawberry Cake Kit Kats, Strawberry Melty Kiss, Meiji Marbled Strawberry Cream chocolate, and many other brands that I've refrained from purchasing. And at Kinzaburo, our favorite local tea shop, they're offering a limited-time strawberry chaffle. We tried it yesterday afternoon: heavenly!

                                                Keila and a Kinzaburo strawberry chaffle

                                                      Mmmm...ichigo chaffle!

                                          Meiji brand strawberry cream white honestly tastes like strawberries and cream, good work Meiji!
                       Strawberry Cake Kit Kats. Way too sweet for my liking, bleh.

                           Oreo failed to get on the bandwagon and instead was offering an apple Oreo bar. Rating: 0 out of 10. It was DISGUSTING. Like a medicinal green apple Jolly Rancher somehow got shoved into an Oreo cookie.

                                           Zelie loved the sugar rush from the Kit Kats

Keila wearing the strawberry trend