Yamadaichi Shop and Restaurant

Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | 0 comments

    Last month, we went to a great little restaurant near the Toro Iseki (Toro Ruins) in Shizuoka. It's owned by the Yamadaichi company, which makes Abekawa mochi.
   Mochi is a type of soft rice cake, made by pounding sticky rice into a paste and then shaping the paste into balls. (It tastes way better than it sounds). Abekawa mochi gets its name from the nearby Abe River, around which it was originally sold, and it is plain mochi that's usually been dipped in sweetened kinako. FYI: kinako is a toasted soybean powder.
  The Yamadaichi company is located directly next to their restaurant, so obviously the main reason people eat there is to try Abekawa mochi. You can choose from selections such as the original (dipped in kinako) style, mochi covered in anko (a sweet bean paste), mochi with shredded Japanese radish and wasabi, mochi with roasted soy sauce, and mochi with nori (a type of dried seaweed). They're all great, but I'd recommend the sweet ones and the savory wasabi one if you ever go.
  Soba is also a popular offfering, and their soba lunch sets run between 700-800 yen or so and include some Abekawa mochi as dessert. Here's the link to their website (all in Japanese of course) if you'd like to see more pictures or look up directions:   http://abekawamochi.co.jp/

                            The restaurant is housed in a building more than 200 years old

                                        The second floor dining area

                                  Right rear bowl: kinako-covered mochi (front) and anko-covered mochi (rear).
                                  Front bowl: mochi with daikon and wasabi.

                                             Close-up of the wasabi type mochi

                                       Japanese-style seating is great when there's a baby around


                                                  Baby Keila enjoying the atmosphere

                                                        Restaurant Entrance

                                                    Foreigner invasion!