7 Months!

Posted on Tuesday, June 07, 2011 | 0 comments

   Pooper aka William Shatner aka Keila is 7 months old today! Actually, she's 7 months and 1 day Japan time.
   A few highlights from her recent developments:
   1. As of 2 days ago, she now has TWO teeth! That's right, another one has come through to join the one that we first discovered on Memorial Day. And when I say "we", I mean Grandma. While I'm still feeling jealous and somewhat stupid as to not have discovered it for myself first, I do conceed that Grandma has way more child-rearing experience than I do.
 2. Keila is sitting up on her own! For the most part, that is. We still have our face-plant and flop-over-backward moments, but we're doing better day by day.
 3. So far, she can eat rice cereal, barley, carrots (but with major YUCK faces), peas (with a rash around her mouth afterward), sweet potatoes (Helloooo Shatner!!), and pears. She LOVED bananas but broke out in a full-body rash after 2 days of eating them. Here's hoping that she grows out of that one over time! Next up is either apples or mangoes, although if she had her choice, I think she'd have a few bites of my chopsticks.
 4. In terms of non-developments: still refusing to roll over from tummy to back after those first few show-off moves. This situation is probably due to the fact that she still hates tummy times and just screams until Mom gives in and picks her up. Smart girl! 'Standing' with assistance is one of her favorite activities however, so we're wondering if she's just going to skip crawling/rolling and go straight to running.
 5. Speaking of feet, this kid has monkey toes! She'll pick up anything and everything with them. And then pass it straight up to her mouth. Of course.

  Tune in next month to see what she's gotten herself into by then!

  Not the best pic, but I was in a hurry to even get this post typed up today....