New Products

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | 0 comments

   Still working on finishing up the Koysan trip posts, but for now just a quick review of a couple of new products.
    First up: Meiji's Salty Nuts! They made me laugh, so I had to buy them. Pretty good for 126 yen a box. Nice salty crunch to each indiviudally wrapped chocolate piece. Kind of reminiscent of a saltier Mr. Goodbar, only with almonds and a more finely textured crunch.
  Second product: Pepsi Dry. The label claims 'Pepsi DRY is a brand new NON-SWEET cola. Enjoy its sharp and refreshing taste'. Well, they certainly got the 'non-sweet' part right. At half the sugar of regular Pepsi, it basically tasted like someone forgot to add the syrup to a soda fountain. Yuck!  It brought to mind the idea of rotten champagne with a chemical aftertaste. Nothing to be enjoyed there! Yuki and I were wondering if we were the only ones who didn't like it, but apparently a coworker of his came into work the other day complaining about a nasty new Pepsi he'd tasted. Consider yourself forewarned.

                                 A tribute to the dog days of summer....

                                              Gross. Do not buy!