Kamakura--Jochiji Temple

Posted on Wednesday, December 09, 2009 | 0 comments

  Two weeks later, I'm finally getting around to the rest of the pictures from our day trip to Kamakura (see the previous post about lunch there).
The first temple we went to after lunch was Jochiji Temple, which is actually located just across the way from the restaurant we always go to. I was a little surprised by it, considering that I  1. had no idea there was even a temple across the road, and 2. there was a sign declaring it to be #4 on the list of Kamakura's 5 Great Zen Temples. Who knew. But then again, as Yuki said, that's Kamakura. There are so many temples and shrines hidden there that you could likely live in the town for years and never find them all.
 I can't say that this was one of my favorite temples, but it was amazing enough in itself when you stop to consider that it's been around since the 1280's!

                             With Otousan outside the temple gate

                                            Bigfoot caught on film!!!

                        Statues of Buddha inside the main temple

                       Rubbing the Joyful Buddha's tummy