Yokohama Chinatown

Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 | 0 comments

  On the 30th, we went to Yokohama Chinatown for lunch. It's always fun to look around there, plus we figured that they'd have plenty of vegetarian options, something that is kind of scarce in Japan.
  I'd go into more details, but the pictures speak for themselves, plus I really should think about starting to pack my suitcases, considering that we leave for Yokohama tomorrow evening and I go on from there to the airport on Sunday!


         I don't know what these things were called, but they had egg in them...and maybe some sort of drug, they were so addicting!

               Still hungry after lunch, Yuki thought that perhaps cat ear might taste good


                      Steamed niku-man, which are basically huge meat-stuffed buns

 We'd been by this hotel before and had an old lady yell at us for taking of course Andrew sat down and waited until she came out. She seemed rather confused when she opened the door and there was Jesus saying 'Hello!'

                 Ahh...nothing like a good head massage!

                Minato Mirai

            Umm...not something I'd buy for my kid unless I wanted protective services coming after me!

                       Our favorite was 'I've had elbowroom in my mind'  (on the bottom left). Your left, not mine.