Shish KeBABA

Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2009 | 2 comments

   My brother Andrew, as most of you probably already know, hasn't been home for the holidays this year. He's in Palestine volunteering, and we miss him like crazy. In lieu of the real thing, we decided to make Andrew on a stick...which quickly became known as 'Shish KeBABA'. My niece refers to Andrew as 'Baba' for reasons that only she knows, and you can figure out where the rest of the name came from. Since I'm too lazy to post the pics again, here's the link to our Shish KeBABA album on facebook:

I still wish that he were here in person, but Shish KeBABA is almost *almost* as popular as Andrew himself! Go figure. Maybe he needs his own fan page?


Yuki said...

I wish I could be Shish Kababa! Let's make Wasabi Shish Kababa

Kristel said...

Wasa-Kebaba?? Haha, ok!