Butter Source Salmon??

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | 0 comments

          I bought this salmon last week at the store and suffered some major confusion as a result of the English writing on the butter package provided with it. First off, I didn't realize that the butter package was actually a package: I thought it was simply a seal stuck to the salmon pack. What can I say, I was in a hurry when I grabbed it. Secondly, my brain still automatically registers the English before the Japanese, so I didn't bother to read the katakana writing and assumed that the English was correct. Silly me!
  The English, as you can see, reads 'Butter Source'....so when this fact was combined with the idea that I was looking at a sticker and not a packet of liquid butter, I was under the misguided and very confused impression that this particular salmon had either 1. been fed butter (in my defense, I was honestly doubting that) or 2. was especially soft and moist, comparable to butter.
  I decided to ask Yuki about it when he called on his lunch break, and for about a minute couldn't figure out what he was talking about when he told me I could just throw the butter sauce out if I didn't want to use it. At that point, I finally took the time to read the katakana (the symbols just below the English on the seal). 'Ba Taaa Sooo Su'. Say it 5 times fast! BUTTER SAUCE. Doh. However, I can also see where the problem in translation occurred: if you want to write 'source' in katakana, it's going to be the exact same as 'sauce', seeing as there's no strong 'R' sound in Japanese to begin with.
  So, after all that, I chucked the butter sauce (source) and baked some lovely butter-free wasabi-mayo salmon. Forgot to take a photo of the finished product, though, but it's definitely worth making. Feel free to ask for the recipe if you're interested.