And I Thought Only Dogs Drank From the Toilet!

Posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | 0 comments

    Not if you have a special Japanese-style toilet, apparently. Then, cats love it too! I guess in Wasa's defense, at least she's drinking the clean water coming from the back of the tank. I personally am a bit freaked out about using any sort of toilet water to wash my hands with, be it clean or not, and I don't really know of anyone who actually takes advantage of these marvels of efficiency....besides our rabid cat, that is.
  We're off to Nagano bright and early tomorrow, so the next post is going to be full of travel pics. Stay tuned next week...

                                             Mmm, fresh water!!!

                        Further fun exploring the apartment...besides a great new source of water, playing in empty cabinets is lovely, too!