Daio Wasabi Farm

Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 | 0 comments

   The first stop on our trip up to Nagano Prefecture was Daio Wasabi Farm, outside of Matsumoto City. It's the largest wasabi farm in Japan and attracts tons of tourists every year due to its beautiful scenery. That, and the wasabi ice cream and wasabi croquettes that you can eat while touring the farm.
  More tourist spots to follow in days to come. Right now my bed is calling me!

                                  Giant Wasabi Statue

                           Scenes Along The River

Yuki with one of the famous croquettes...disappointingly, I can't say that the wasabi taste was all that strong, though. More like a regular potato croquette with a tiny hint of wasabi. Seeing as I'm not a croquette fan, I'd have to give this item a whole 3 on the 10 point scale. Not worth the 300 yen.

                            More scenes around the farm--this place is huge, 15 hectares!

                             Fresh Wasabi....about $25 USD each
       Wasabi Ice Cream....a vanilla ice cream base with real wasabi swirled in. Lovely!