Sushi Loves Fish!

Posted on Sunday, May 23, 2010 | 0 comments

  Actually, I think that Sushi loves just about anything even potentially edible. We took her back into the vet this morning for her continued tummy troubles, and she'd gone up 300 grams in a week! Little porker! (I have no idea how much 300 grams is in lbs, but it's definitely too much for a kitten to be packing on in only 7 days). 
 The vet is guessing that part of the reason she's still having belly issues is the fact that she's obviously eating too much...only, as I may have said before, we're not sure how to stop her, since Wasabi is a free feeder, and they share the same bowls. Every time I refill the food bowl, this little pig comes running up and starts purring loudly, right before she dives in. Try to take her away from it, and she squawks like her tail is being pulled off. Maybe it's time to just start buying diet cat food? 
 Anyway, last night Sushi also showed us that she has no problem with eating people food, either. We usually allow her to sit on a lap while we're eating, since she's the perfect lap kitty and tends to sleep right through dinner. Unless the main course happens to be fish, that is. We didn't realize until looking at the photos later that she'd actually bitten into the fish tail! Not that I was going to eat the tail anyway, but ew! Lesson learned: no more Sushi at the table on fish nights! 

                          Popping her head up....Famous last words: 'Aw, isn't she cute??'

                         Bad kitty! But the cross-eyed look is admittedly hilarious