Sushi The Cow Goes On A Diet

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 | 0 comments

   That's right, our little 3.5-month-old kitten is already dieting...not of her own accord, obviously. It's a last resort, seeing as so far nothing else has stopped her nasty case of the runs! We've tried everything from antibiotics to leaving less cat food out in general, but so far it's all been a big (fat) FAIL. If we leave less cat food out, then Wasabi doesn't get enough since Sushi eats most of it, leaving us with two cats howling for food--one of whom keeps running to the litter box.
 So, we finally caved, started putting Wasabi's bowl on top of the fridge (Sushi is either too stupid or too small to get up there), and bought a $20 bag of high-fiber specialty cat food from the vet's for Sushi. Along with the high price tag, it came with strict instructions to only give her 44 grams of food per day. Fine by me, considering that I don't want to go and buy another bag any time soon! NOT fine by Sushi though, who is used to gorging herself and filling her round little tummy until she pukes...or poops, I should say. Now, while we're apparently solved the indigestion problem, we've also created another....our little stink-butt has resorted to attempting to eat anything and everything. If that doesn't work, she then HOWLS until fed, usually starting at around 5 am every morning. Here's hoping that we can slowly reintroduce regular (and higher volume) food later this week...or else we'll need to invest in some really good pairs of earplugs!

                        The scene in the kitchen early Saturday morning...a plate of cookie scraps that I didn't bother to put in the fridge. Note the big chunk on the counter that wasn't there the night before!

                           Rips and Teeth Marks in the Saran Wrap!
                   Our fat little cookie monster. She curled up this way all by herself

          Cuddling with Wasa-Momma after a long night of stealing peanut butter cookies