My Baby Is A Year Old Already!

Posted on Friday, May 21, 2010 | 0 comments

Yes, that's right. Wasabi turned one yesterday. Luckily, she's still quite small for her age, and we're hoping that she'll stay that way. Sushi, on the other hand, appears to be growing exponentially, quite possibly due to the massive amounts of cat food she's going through. And don't even talk to me about just feeding her less---a great idea, until you experience the sound of her squawking at 4 in the morning! Plus, she and Wasabi share the same food bowl, so it's rather difficult to limit their intake, seeing as Wasa is a free-feeder. I guess that Sushi is too, only just a bit more freely than we'd like.
In order to start her birthday celebration off properly, Wasabi was given more hot rice than usual in the morning. The spoiled little monkey normally gets one or two grains, hand-fed to her from pieces picked out of Yuki's bowl. Any more than that and she either gags on it or just pukes it up later. Still, we took a chance and gave her a decent 6 grains. She was quite pleased and also managed to neither gag nor puke. Success!
That was basically all Wasabi got out of the birthday festivities, although we did let her pick on Sushi a bit more than usual, and she got some extra petting in the afternoon.
For the rest of us (Sushi excluded), I decided to bake some chocolate cupcakes with a wasabi peanut butter frosting. Cupcakes tasted great, frosting was good too...only unfortunately they weren't really appealing when combined. I think next time I'll leave these particular cupcakes unfrosted and maybe use sugar cookies or something mild as the base for when I make the wasabi-peanut butter frosting. The chocolate was just too strong to blend well with the spicy peanut butter. Live and learn.
Happy 1st Birthday, Wasabi! May you have many, many more years of biting to come!

                         Chocolate cupcakes with Wasabi's namesake frosting

                              Bath time!

                         This usually lasts for about 5 minutes...

                          ...and then a WWF wrestling match starts up!