I Broke The Scale!

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | 1 comments

  It sounds like a really bad joke...17 weeks pregnant today, and I go and break our scale this morning! In my defense, I really haven't gained that much weight yet...and I didn't even step on the scale before it broke. I swear! Here's what happened:
  I pulled it out from its storage space under the bathroom cabinet and noticed that it wasn't zeroed. It was reading 85 kg, in fact. So I pushed on it a bit, it made a weird popping noise, and then froze. I admittedly shook it a little to try and 'un-freeze' it (very technical, I know), and then a tiny piece of metal fell out of the bottom. Oops. Definitely broken.
At which point I started to somewhat guiltily rejoice: I HATE that scale! (It's so well known in our household that I H-A-T-E that scale that Yuki half-jokingly accused me of breaking it on purpose). Here's the deal with this scale: Yuki got it as some sort of promo when he signed up for a bank account years ago, before I moved here. We've just never bothered to get another one, seeing as we rarely use it anyway. But, the times that I have used it, I have to admit that it's driven me crazy. First off, I'm not a Disney fan. Not for adults, at least.  I especially don't appreciate Stitch snarling at me when I've having a 'fat' day. And secondly, the stupid thing was never all that accurate anyway, making any sort of reading it gave a rough estimate at best.
 My hatred of this particular scale would make for perfectly guilt-free rejoicing over its demise, except for the fact that we had just decided to try and cut spending in order to save for when the baby arrives and I can't work. But it looks like this weekend we might be going scale-shopping. Keep your fingers crossed that I can manage to stay away from one of the deluxe models that reports on your body fat and muscle mass, cooks dinner, does the dishes, and of course, tells you your weight.
                             The Hated Scale. Die Stitch Die!

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strwberrryjoy said...

creepy scale! cute tummy!