The Most Evil Cookie Bars In The World

Posted on Friday, April 02, 2010 | 1 comments

   I made these blondies a few days ago, and it's honestly hard to believe that there are any left, especially since Yuki was out of town last night and didn't bother to hide them or take them with. Amazingly, I only (only, hah!) had 2 last night, although I was sorely tempted to finish off the remaining 3 bars. The only thing that prevented me from doing so was the fact that I calculated the number of calories per bar....about 351 kcal each, ouch!!
  The original recipe is posted here: Chewy Coconut Chocolate Chunk Blondies
 but if you're interested in trying them (and I would highly recommend it!), I made a few minor changes:
-I added a cup of chopped walnuts along with the listed coconut and chocolate
-Used 2 teaspoons of vanilla instead of 1.5 tsp.
-Chocolate chips are notoriously expensive here in Japan, so I instead chopped up Hershey's milk chocolate Kisses (also incredibly expensive here, but we had a bag leftover from our trip back home last month). I chopped up about 32 Kisses and threw them into the batter instead of the called-for cup of chocolate chips. 
-just so you know, 4 oz. of butter is about 1 stick or a half cup. Why they put the measurement in ounces, I have no idea
-For the toppings, I melted 2 (60 grams each) dark chocolate bars and mixed them with the teaspoon of butter. You'll get maybe a half to 2/3 of this mix out of the plastic bag, but the topping is definitely worth the extra effort. Yuki swore that it 'made' the blondies. I really don't think that you need a full cup of chocolate chips though (about 182 grams), especially if you're using a darker chocolate.

  Seriously, these are some of the best cookie bars I've ever had. We've renamed them Evil Chocolate Chunky Coconut Walnut Blondies, the 'chunky' part because that's what they'll make you if you eat too many!

                              Fresh out of the oven

                            Drizzled with chocolate topping

                                     Crunchy on the edges and gooey inside!


strwberrryjoy said...

Yummy. Looks amazing!