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   Seeing as I've been sick with a nasty cold all week and haven't done much of anything interesting, I thought I'd publish another baby post.  This one is from March 29th.  Oh, and I did end up getting my caramel chocolate coconut bars that night, since Yuki is just that wonderful of a husband and went out to buy butter. Oh, and if you want the recipe, look at my posts back around the end of March. These are our new favorite cookie bars!

   Well, so far I thought that I was doing ok with the whole morning sickness/cravings issues that are always talked about during early pregnancy.You always hear those stories about women wanting one thing and one thing only to eat, and they'd better have it asap! Yuki has told me countless times about his tiny mother polishing off a whole roll cake in one sitting, and my own mom mentioned how she once ate an entire jar of sauerkraut when she was pregnant with one of us. (Sauerkraut??).
 Me? Nothing, really. I mean, yes, I've been feeling queasy off and on, almost to the point of getting sick but never actually there, and random foods just don't seem appealing. For example, the broth that udon noodles are served in has made me gag a couple of times. I think it's the fish smell emanating from it. And salad, of all things, is no longer really appealing. So it's been more aversions than cravings. Although I will admit to being on a pineapple kick lately. I ate half of one on Friday night and would've likely finished it off had Yuki not stopped me. In my experience that's not entirely uncommon though, and it wasn't like I HAD to have it.
  Today, however, is another story. I got back a few hours ago from a rather large lunch at a former student's house, and all I can think about this afternoon is eating some kind of gooey caramel cookie bars, preferably with toasted coconut and chocolate chips included. I've just spent the last 10 minutes looking up recipes online and cursing the fact that we don't have enough butter in the fridge to bake anything! And I will not, will NOT, go to the store to get any butter, since I'm pretty sure that if I do bake these evil little treats, I will eat the ENTIRE batch. All at once. While they're still hot and gooey and lovely. GRRR.
  So, instead I'm going to try to focus on making a nice, healthy dinner of wasabi mayonnaise baked salmon. And try not to be too cranky about not having caramel anything in the house, let alone some delicious caramel layer bars. Wish Yuki luck tonight. He's probably going to need it!