Less Than 12 Hours To Go!

Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 | 0 comments

   Assuming that our baby cooperates, we'll know within 12 hours if it's a boy or a girl (or an alien, as my brother continues to predict). I'm so excited that it's going to be hard to fall asleep tonight! Well, that's probably a blatant lie, since I'm also so exhausted that it's hard to keep my eyes open right now. I've been waking up around 4 am the past few nights for some reason, and then our howling little she-beast of a kitten does her best to ensure that I stay up. I have the feeling that tonight she's going to behave though, since I threatened her with solitary confinement in the garbage can if she acts up again. (Just joking...kind of).

                                    The 18 week baby bump
                              She's lucky she's so cute!