Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010 | 0 comments

   It hasn't been a weekend with many photo opportunities, but I did come across 2 great shirts that I just can't resist posting. The first one was on a child who kindly let me take her picture. Some of the best 'Engrish' I've seen in a while!
Who knew that the key to happiness was so simple?? And where can I find a Hummy Waffle??

Secondly, I found an adorable shirt at Uniqlo (wonderful store here in Japan, comparable to maybe the Gap). Uniqlo has somewhat recently started offering t-shirts by various guest designers, kind of like how Target features ever-changing designer clothing.
This particular shirt is loose enough to accommodate my expanding belly yet still has a nice shape, and although I'm not typically a t-shirt girl any more, the cat on the front combined with the Paul and Joe label sold me. Or sold the shirt, I should say. Thanks Uniqlo!