6 Months, and Then Some

Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2010 | 2 comments

   I've been meaning to post some more belly shots for a while, but along with traveling back to Japan, jet lag, and starting work again, time has once again gotten away from me. But, at long last, here are the 6 month and 25 week pics, along with a few from my baby shower on the 11th.
  As for the baby shower, Sigourney made out like a bandit! She got so many little outfits and toys that I had to leave a suitcase full for my family to bring when they come visit in November, and I sent another suitcase down to Indianapolis with a friend for Yuki to pick up when he arrives there on business next week.
Even so, one of my suitcases was at 51 lbs and one was 52.5 lbs upon check-in, oops. Word to the wise: if your luggage is potentially overweight, try your best to stay away from any and all grumpy-looking women at the O'Hare United baggage check counter. This woman did finally let me pass, but not without much grumbling, a few dirty looks, eye rolls, and making me remove 1.5 lbs. Oh well, I'm still thankful to her for the 2 that she gave me! Now, if someone could just talk to United about some of their rude flight attendants....since when did it become 'against policy' to help a pregnant woman lift her bag into the overhead compartment??

                                   6 months!! (And after a large dinner)

                            25 Weeks...I seem to have shrunk since last week

                              The cake itself was devil's food cake

                                       Opening presents

                                 One of the adorable dresses Sigourney received

                                     The aftermath


strwberrryjoy said...

I don't think you shrank, but she might have rolled/turned positions making the belly shots look different?

Kristel said...

Hah yeah I don't think I really shrank either, more than likely the 6 month shot involved a lot of food baby! =)