Buying Beer Was Never So Much Fun!

Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 | 0 comments

   This weekend was pretty busy, what with having a wonderful friend in town visiting and then the baby shower, too. And it definitely had its memorable moments.
 On Saturday night, we were out and about while my mom was busy at home, smack in the middle of chopping crudites for the party. Since we were returning soon with a pizza, she called and asked us to pick her up some beer on the way home. In her defense, she swears she completely forgot about how it would look to see a pregnant woman buying Miller High Life.
  Let's just say, that was some fun I wouldn't like to repeat. Not only did the cranky clerk boot my friend out of the store for not having her ID on her (she'd left her purse in the car and apparently we're not up-to-date on Indiana's liquor laws), I also got the pleasure of being escorted out to the car by another clerk, after we had to state the obvious---that I was unable to carry the case of beer since I'm pregant.
In all reality, the clerks didn't seem to care at all and most likely wouldn't have been phased had I popped up a can and chugged it in front of them, but I will admit to being highly embarrassed with the whole scenario. So much so that I even tried to mention to the clerk carrying the beer that it was for my mom, then immediately realized how lame and contrived that sounded.

Note to self: should there ever be another time to buy alcohol while pregnant, come up with a better cover story than the truth!

                                               A Bottle From The Offending Case of Beer