Belly Pic, Week 23

Posted on Thursday, July 08, 2010 | 0 comments

   I'm pretty sure that my belly has undergone sudden exponential growth...either that or part of the bulge is due to a food baby, but this pic was taken right before lunch!
Excuse the blinding whiteness; I forgot to adjust the ISO setting on the camera before the pic was taken and this computer doesn't have Photoshop.

   While we're mentioning food babies, let's also talk about the fact that I agreed to my mom's suggestion of picking up a Little Caesar's pizza for dinner. I hadn't had any in years and remembered their breadsticks as being amazing. Yeah...ouch. There is apparently not enough room in my body for a large salad, a breadstick, 2 pieces of pizza, and Sigourney Weaver! Oh, and a mango. With a home-made cupcake for dessert. Ok ok, I obviously can't blame all the discomfort on the pizza. But I think that both Sigourney and I have had our fill of carryout for a while...tomorrow it's back to home-made and healthy dinners!

 P.S. Their breadsticks really aren't all that good after sitting under a heating lamp for hours! That logo about 'Fresh out the Oven' is false advertising, in my opinion.

                      For just over $10, you too may have a Meal-Deal chock full of greasy goodness.