Posted on Friday, January 07, 2011 | 0 comments

    It was a really cold day out today, so Keila and I stayed in all morning and baked some cookies. Well, I worked on the cookies and she hung out in the Bjorn. But she was kind enough to give me a few cry-free hours, which I appreciated tremendously!
  Seeing as we were house-bound besides a quick trip to the grocery store, I also had some time to play with our camera, the Canon Kiss X3. Sadly, it's taken me over a year to find the time to mess with it! I wouldn't say that I made any great improvements on my usual photos, but below are a few test shots. Here's hoping they'll continue to get better....

                                              My cute little model

                                                Smiling for the camera

                                        Cookies! Coconut, cocoa with cranberries, s'mores, dark chocolate Toppo (it's like Pocky), and chocolate chip. Thanks to the December MS issue for the basic recipe.