Melty Kiss Goes Nuts

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011 | 0 comments

     Another new product update: the much-loved and seasonal Melty Kiss chocolates have snuck over to an adjacent line in the chocolate factory, mixed with Meiji's chocolate-covered nuts, and produced some truly incredible offspring!
  A little background: Melty Kiss traditionally comes as little airy cubes that are said to be too soft to be sold in any season but winter (hence the 'Melty' part). These chocolate cubes may contain various flavors such as green tea or strawberry, or they may simply be solid (airy) chocolate. Meanwhile, Meiji Macadamia and Meiji Almonds are usually just covered in regular Meiji chocolate, not Meiji's 'Melty Kiss' chocolate.
  So, you can probably see all this is leading. Yep, this winter we now have the birth of Macadamia Melty Kiss and Almond Melty Kiss. The Almond type is covered in a dark Melty Kiss chocolate, while the Macadamia type is more of a truffle or bon bon shape: bits of macadamia nuts swimming in Melty Kiss milk chocolate.
  Top points go to the almonds. Choice nuts coated in velvetly smooth and rich dark chocolate; buy these now if you can manage to find them! They're a bit elusive, so stock up if you do hunt them down. The macadamia ones are just as hard to locate, but I wouldn't waste too much time trying to find these. They're good if you like milk chocolate, but the overall effect is simply not as stand-out as is that of the dark chocolate/almond combo.
  We did manage to find a pile of these little goodies at Jusco, so I've got 4 boxes of the Melty Kiss Almonds in the cupboard...maybe I'll save one until spring to see if they really do melt when the weather warms up!

                                    You want to buy these. Trust me.

                                          Zelie tasted the almond ones in December. Verdict: great!