Uogashi Zushi

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   Yesterday we had some friends come into town, so we all went out for a sushi lunch at Uogashi Zushi in the S-Pulse Dream Plaza, a building located near Shimizu Harbor. (On a side note, I just learned that the first sushi museum in Japan is also housed here. I've yet to see it though, since it's on the third floor---the games floor, which I tend to avoid like the plague due to the ever-present din of ringing bells and the crowds of hyper-active childen).
  Uogashi originated in the city of Numazu, at the fishing port, and it has slowly expanded to 3 shops in Shizuoka (the one in Dream Plaza and 2 in Shin-Shizuoka station) and now a couple in Yokohama. It may have other locations too, but those are the ones I'm aware of. If you're interested in checking it out, here's the website: http://www.uogashizushi.co.jp/
  The shop in Dream Plaza offers conveyer-belt sushi (kaiten zushi), or you can also order a set if you'd prefer. Yesterday we did both, choosing the local set and some other plates to complement it. Uogashi usually has a large crowd on weekends due to its reasonable prices and quality fish, and yesterday was no different. Since sushi is a sort of fast food, however, we didn't wait more than 15 minutes for a table. I'd have to advise going on a weekday if possible though, since yesterday's fish seemed to be not quite as good as on the other, calmer days I've been there. Or perhaps it was just an off day. Either way, I'd still recommend eating there if you happen to come across one of their shops. But a word of advice: don't try the tempura ice cream. Yuck!

                                               The local nigiri set


 Sakura ebi (cherry blossom shrimp, so named for their color) and shirasu, a tiny little fish that's only served raw in this area of Japan, since this is where it's caught. It's usually boiled before being shipped out to other prefectures.

How to eat sushi with a baby in tow

                                        Kani ziru: Miso soup with crab

                                                 Example of the general reaction upon tasting tempura ice cream. Eh. Definitely not worth wasting 500 yen on!