Die collar, die!

Posted on Wednesday, August 05, 2009 | 0 comments

Die collar, die!
Originally uploaded by WasabiKuwabara
Wasabi didn't take too well to the new collar I got her. Unfortunately it's still a little too big, and the bell really added to her displeasure, poor kitty. I felt guilty for laughing at her so much, but she at least served to cheer me up this afternoon! The video doesn't catch the full extent of her epileptic seizure-like antics, since she won't perform as well when the camera's on for some reason. If you watch, there's a bit of flailing action near the end, though.
Obviously the collar came off right afterwards, and she's spent half the evening batting it around on the floor. A rather expensive play toy, but we'll try again after she gets a little bigger!