Maneki Neko Duck

Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2009 | 0 comments

Aflac here in Japan has launched a new commerical campaign, in the form of Maneki Neko Duck. Maneki neko (neko means 'cat') is basically a good-luck cat that most business have displayed somewhere. I forget which paw is which, but depending on which one the cat has raised, it's supposed to bring in either money/prosperity or else good business. Whatever the case, this cat is pretty much omnipresent throughout Japan, and now Aflac has come up with the genius idea of further capitalizing on their famous duck by creating, yes, Maneki Neko Duck. It's quite adorable and I'm already scheming as to how to get ahold of one for Wasabi (ok, ok, she couldn't care less), since you have to sign up for insurance with Aflac or at least go in for a quote in order to get a duck/cat. We'll see if my wonderful husband pulls through and procures one or not!
In the meanwhile, we did find this little widget to add...if you click on the play arrow (NOT the 'click') then a pop-up will tell you your daily Japanese, of course.

Maneki Neko Duck Website