Visiting a local temple

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009 | 0 comments

We took Wasabi to a small local temple in Yokohama last week, but I'm only just getting around to posting the photos. At least, I think it was Buddhist...but there was also a torii (wooden gate) at the entrance. So it may have been Shinto? The torii was painted black, rather unique since they're usually red. Whatever the case, it was definitely a religious site. Lots of the time here it seems that Shinto and Buddism get combined, so I sometimes have a hard time telling which is which without a guidebook or an obvious torii to help me out.

Wasabi in front of the torii

We (ok, I) were originally hoping to take Wasabi to Kamakura to visit the Giant Buddha there, but it turns out that she HATES her carry bag just about as much as she hates getting her vaccines. Even the quiet local trip (we walked) was rather disasterous in terms of the amount of howls and biting attempts it produced. Needless to say, the Kamakura idea was subsequently scrapped. Too bad, as I'd been really looking forward to some great shots after being inspired by some beautiful postcards of the theme 'Nobu travels Europe'. Nobu is a black cat, and each postcard depicts an image of him in a different European country. I'm beginning to realize that Nobu has probably been drugged for each pic if he's anything like Wasabi, though!
We did get a couple of her that were post-worthy, but I doubt she'll be making any subsequent pilgrimages any time soon!

One-eyed kitty walking backwards

Escape Attempt #451