Wasabi's torture session

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | 0 comments

We took Wasabi to get some of her vaccines on Sunday. She's not really a great patient. Actually, she's an awful one. She bit the vet's assistant so many times that they finally pulled out these big oven mitt-looking gloves to hold her still for the injections. And needless to say, the rectal thermometer was not a big hit with anyone besides Yuki, who thinks that the resulting look on Wasabi's face is hilarious every time. Poor kitty!
After we returned to the waiting room, everyone there was asking if Wasabi was all right, since they all heard her yowling during her exam. Like mother, like daughter, I guess---when I was little, I cut my foot on a broken china doll that my sister left laying on the floor (I still give her hell about this occassionally).
My mom stayed in the waiting room with my siblings at the doctor's while my dad escorted me in for my stitches. I don't remember screaming at all, but my mom said that every kid in the pediatrician's office was freaked out due to the sound of my shrieking emanating from the back of the building. Oops. All I really remember is being pissed at my dad because he was so happy that he got to tie off and cut the thread for the stitches (he was in med school at the time). So I can definitely sympathize with our little Wasa-monster for biting anyone within range!
The upshot to our baby's injections is that she was really mild and slept for most of the day afterwards. It's almost a shame that we have to wait until 3 weeks for her boosters!