Fetch Wasabi, Fetch!

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 | 2 comments

Wasabi often acts more like a dog than a cat...including playing fetch with her little stuffed pink kitty (many thanks to our landlady for making it). She's usually pretty good about actually fetching, but we thought this video was too funny not to post. To give her credit, she'd been faithfully returning with her toy for about 10 throws in a row before this. Here she is in action...sort of. Definitely in more of a cat fashion this time!


Noelle said...

For some reason Wasabi fetching her pink bunny reminds me of Lucy's little black and white bears with the google eyes-remember how much she loved those?
I should try to find/make one and send it to you for Wasabi!

Kristel said...

I've seen some like them at Walmart of all places...I was actually planning on buying her a pack when we come back in December! I think she'd love them!