27 Weeks, aka, 3 Months To Go!

Posted on Wednesday, August 04, 2010 | 0 comments

    Today marks 27 weeks! And I realized that yesterday was exactly 3 months from my predicted due date. Exciting and terrifying all at the same time! I say terrifying because I made the mistake of reading in-depth about the labor process today and then for more mental torture followed that up by watching a natural-birth video. Let me just say this: if you are pregnant with your first child, do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch any videos of women giving birth! Just don't. I like to think that I'm rather strong (seeing the blood/mess didn't bother me), but the sheer pain this woman was going through isn't really something I want to think about until I've got to get through it myself. Just me, myself, and maybe an epidural, that is!
  In other news, it's time to start gaining a bit more weight. I'm only about 10 lbs up so far, although the amount of ice cream I ate last night should help things along nicely (thanks again, Otousan!). We're aiming for 2 more lbs by next week's 7-month shot!

                                  The Belly, 27 Weeks.

                       This stuff is AMAZING. Imported from New Zealand...they must have very happy, well-kept cows!

                            Fresh caramel bites

                               The two combined