Sushi and Shirataki

Posted on Monday, August 02, 2010 | 0 comments

            After a massive cleaning spree this morning, Sushi decided to give me one more thing to clean up...a package of shirataki noodles I'd stupidly left out on the counter.
  Now, Sushi KNOWS she's not supposed to get up on tables or counters, as evidenced by the way she tends to flee when caught in the act. Either that, or she just knows to run when she sees the squirt bottle aimed at her; I'm not sure which really, now that I think about it.
 Whatever the case, since there was so squirter in sight this time, she made one of her own: I came into the room, yelled at her, grabbed the shirataki package off the floor where she'd knocked it, and was promptly squirted in the face via one of the holes she'd chewed in the plastic. Thanks, Sushi. Perhaps she's actually a bit smarter than she seems.

                                    Sushi and the offending package of noodles

                         In case you've never seen shirataki noodles

Here's the Wiki link to shirataki noodles if you want to know more about them: Click Here