7 Months and An Eel!

Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 | 0 comments

   Today is the 7 month mark of Sigourney's gestation, and she once again celebrated another milestone by kicking me all. night. long. This kid is going to be one serious soccer player! Next on her agenda, besides continuing to grow and mature, is turning upside down. The doctor informed me last week that she's currently in a breech position, and judging by the location of all her kicks thus far, she has yet to flip. I can't say I blame her (who wants to be upside down for that long?) but hopefully she'll get around to it before I'm forced to do various random exercises that really don't look all that appealing.
  To celebrate the 7-month mark (any excuse for a date while we can still easily take one), Yuki and I went to Enoshima Aquarium, about an hour's train ride from here. More on that in another post, but I'll put a preview pic below!

                                             7 Months and There's No Hiding the Bump Any More

Why yes, that is a rubber eel wearing a lei