Giant Tissue Box!

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 | 0 comments

            I found another cat toy/house for Wasabi and Sushi that I just couldn't pass up---a giant tissue box! Only in Japan would they make a tissue box cat toy (in case you don't know, napkins aren't used at meals here--tissues are just pulled for a nearby box if you happen to need one for any spills, etc). I personally am not a fan of using tissues as napkins, seeing as they're rather flimsy and it takes way too many to be useful, but then again, perhaps I'm just a really messy eater??
  In any case, I did think this toy was adorable, and after promising Yuki it'd be the last semi-expensive (about $15) toy the girls would get before Sigourney arrives, we brought it home to them on Sunday. The main appeal seems to be the crinkly noise this thing makes whenever they run into it, jump on it, etc, but the mesh 'tissue' part has also shown promise. Now, to remember to put the noisy thing away before bed every night!

                                        Love at first sight

                          Attempting to pull out a tissue?

                            HEY! That's not Kleenex!