30 Weeks...About 10 To Go!

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 0 comments

            Here's the 30 week belly shot...it doesn't seem all that huge in this pic, but I'm really beginning to feel like a heifer...or a circus monkey. Especially on walks, when I half-expect drivers to crash due to the fact that they can't stop staring at me. Or at the grocery store when old men openly gawk at my stomach, mouths agape. Too bad they don't sell maternity shirts with little eyes on the belly, since most people seem to look there first instead of at my face any more!
  In terms of Sigourney news, we are still breech. I was positive that she'd flipped at around 4 am one night last week, since I awoke to an awful stomach- AND back-ache that was accompanied by various punches, rolls, and kicks. The doctor confirmed last Saturday that Sigourney did indeed shift positions....only, she shifted from the right to the left, not from top to bottom. Gotta work on those directions, kid.
  Finally, since I don't seem to be getting as much time to post as usual lately, I'll put up a Miso Kit Kat review too, while I'm at it. This particular Kit Kat is supposed to be a Nagoya-area souvenir, since Nagoya is famous for miso, among other things. We found a box for all of ¥200 at Donki (an insanely trashy discount chain store); they usually sell for at least ¥800. That should've been a clue in and of itself! I'll just say this: we couldn't taste even a hint of miso. Nothing. If you're hoping for a nice white chocolate Kit Kat, then buy these. Otherwise, I'd give them a 1 out of 10; the one point being awarded simply on the basis that they are actually Kit Kats. Disappointing, but I'm glad I didn't spend more on them!

                                         30 Weeks

                               Don't waste your money