Care for some sushi along with that crab?

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Yuki had part one of his big work exam on Saturday...we went out for a sushi course dinner afterwards in order to celebrate him being one third of the way done, and also to belatedly celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Yuki had asked the owner/head chef for crab to be included in our course, since we'd had it there the last time and it was amazing. Well, the guy really went and outdid himself, presenting us each with a whole freshly steamed crab in the middle of dinner! We were pretty surprised, since the last time we'd just have a few pieces of crabmeat each, and neither of us was expecting to be staring into the face of one of those hairy little critters.
Apparently the chef had had them flown in fresh from Hokkaido (the northern island in Japan's chain, if you're not too great on Asian geography) just for us. It was by far the best crab I've ever eaten, but Yuki and I both were thoroughly sick of eating crabmeat by the time we were done...and that wasn't even the end of the meal!

Tsubugai, aka a type of clam
Tuna and tofu salad with pickled plum dressing
Chawanmushi topped with ikura (steamed eggs with vegetables and broth topped with salmon eggs)

The sashimi course


The nigiri course: 2 types of tuna, horse mackeral, leeks, and sea urchin Dessert: Yuzu sorbet