Slow Week Salmon

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2009 | 0 comments

It's been a rather slow week this week...not that I should be complaining about having some free time, but I've just been feeling a little...blah. Actually, a lot blah. I've been trying to compensate for this by doing things such as: guzzling fish oil pills; eating Yuki's espresso-infused dark chocolate that I brought him back from the US---sorry, honey; harrassing Wasabi when she's sleeping (hey, she does it to me); and reading a lot. Right now I'm on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Excellent read, but I didn't realize that it was more like a collection of short stories tied together instead of a 'true' novel. I'd still highly recommend it, but I was hoping for something that would fully involve me for a while, take my mind off things, instead of being so easy to put down between chapters.
On a positive note, I've been forcing myself to sort through my magazine collection and actually try out some of the billion recipes I've collected over the years. I tried out a salmon recipe from Cooking Light, the August 2007 issue if you're interested. It's called 'Quick-Cured Sake Salmon with Quinoa'. Only it's incredibly hard to find quinoa here, so I used cous cous that we'd brought back from France instead. Let me say right off that I would NOT recommend bothering with the grain part of this recipe. Just make some plain rice and save yourself the time, the extra ingredients, and the trouble. I do realize that cous cous and quinoa have slightly different flavors, but in my opinion there's not enough of a difference to make up for the decidedly 'blah' (there's that word again) nuance enveloping the final product. Yuki flat out gave up trying to eat it, and I've been slowly cramming it down all week by immersing it in various sauces and condiments such as salsa. Still, though, it's the equivalent of a dietary black hole: it sucks up any and all flavor.
The salmon, however, was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would seriously recommend trying it at least once (see the link below for the recipe), so you can see what I mean. Trust me, you'll quickly add it to your list of favorites.

Click here: Quick-Cure Sake Salmon with Quinoa

Pretty cous cous, but rather like a Valley girl: no depth whatsoever!