It's here!!!

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | 2 comments

  That's right, the much-awaited Maneki Neko Duck has arrived! Ok, I'll admit, sometimes things get a little slow around here during the week, what can I say. But this little toy is pretty cool, aside from the fact that it keeps Wasabi amused and therefore away from the keyboard.
 We thought that we'd be getting something a bit larger from Aflac after Yuki convinced them to send us two ducks (cats?), but these little guys are about the size of maybe 2 golf balls put together, possibly a bit smaller. I just measured one with our handy metric ruler, and it says they're 7 cm. (2.8 inches; thank you online conversion calculator). Which means that they're...the perfect size to be batted around and generally beaten to death!

Plus, they're designed to be attached to cell phones, so when Wasabi gets tired of pummeling the duck, we can fasten around her neck for more endless hours of fun. Click on Wasabi's Maneki Neko Duck Dance for an example!
  The final Maneki Neko Duck attribute that we discovered after Yuki read the package insert is that it sings the famous song when you squeeze it.
 Here are the song lyrics:
 'Neko to Ahiru ga
 Chikara o awasete
 Minna no shiawase ooooo....
 Maneki neko doku!'
Followed by: 'Nyaflac!....Aflac!'

Basically, it says 'Cat and Duck working together to bring about everyone's happiness....Maneki Neko Duck!' The 'Nyaflac....Aflac!' is a reference to the fact that cats are said to say 'nyao' here instead of 'meow'. In the Aflac commerical, the little cat says 'Nyaflac' and is corrected by the duck.
  Finally, I've got to put in a very large word of praise for my husband. As far as I know, the man has procured just about everything I've ever asked for, even if it was some randomly mentioned desire such as this. Peanut butter, Wasabi (the cat, not food for once), you name it...I honestly never expected that I'd get a Maneki Neko Duck when I told him I wanted one, but as usual he's come through. Maybe next I'll bring up that trip to Italy....just joking! Kind of....


Missy J said...

Thank u for the lyrics and translation! My daughters saw the cute Aflac advertisements featured in the show "Asia Alarm" and they have been singing the song (wrongly, lol) ever since! Oh I saw ur video on YouTube too, Wasabi is amusingly kawaii! Cheers fr Singapore ^_^

Janet said...

Thank u for the lyrics! Now we can sing the song correctly! Lol! Cheers fr Singapore